Short Stories

My stories have been featured in Tales for Canterbury, Flashes In The Dark, 12 Days 2010, The Random Eye & more. Full details below.

Free Reads

I sometimes post short stories on my blog, compiled below.
Newest on top. Happy reading!

  1. The Boiler Identity: Part One | Part Two (suspense)
  2. We Meet Again (suspense)
  3. Loud Dreams (slice of life)
  4. Sleep Muscles (fantasy/historical)
  5. The Hive (science fiction)
  6. Lone Wolf (fantasy)
  7. The Hunter (fantasy)
  8. City of Ghosts (speculative)
  9. Lies (action)
  10. Wolf On Demand (comedy/fantasy)
  11. Underground (horror)
  12. London Cold Snap Kills 42 Zombies (comedy/horror)
  13. Red Herrings (contemporary)
  14. The Giant Butterfly (fantasy
  15. Speech Recognition (science fiction
  16. Tuesday, With Spiders (comedy)
  17. Feeling Blue (science fiction)
  18. A Lone Baker (horror)
  19. Re: Vampire Vacancy (fantasy)
  20. Attraction (romance)
  21. Proposal (romance)
  22. Equipped For Battle (comedy)
  23. Unwelcome Intrusion (comedy)
  24. The Road to Hell (fantasy)
  25. War Wounds (fantasy)
  26. Downsizing (fantasy)
  27. Page 247 (contemporary)
  28. A Simple Prayer (fantasy)
  29. Head-on Collision (romance)
  30. Witch Lick Feet (fantasy)
  31. This Is Love (contemporary)

Free Book

Other Sides Other Sides: 12 Webfiction Tales
I organised this anthology when I was Managing Editor of Ergofiction magazine. It features one short story by me, plus 11 other excellent stories by fellow authors.

To learn more, head on over to the Other Sides page, where you can download a free copy of the entire book!