DarksightLuring you into the dark clutches of London’s underworld, where love is never safe and faith becomes the deadliest of sins.

Faith and religion are dying, but that doesn’t make the demons any less real.

Maeve, an Irish girl living in London, realises just how real demons can be when an everyday commute turns into a fight for her life.

And now that she can see them, they can see her…

DARKSIGHT is a work in progress urban dark fantasy novel.

Also by AM Harte: Hungry For You

“Ms. Harte writes with such beautiful subtlety that I really needed to pace myself reading Hungry For You. This is a brilliant collection that I recommend to any zombie lovers, those of us who like our fiction on the dark side, or for readers who love love, no matter what it does to you.”
— Soleil Noir on Black Sun Reviews

“If you have never read A.M. Harte’s work before, you are missing out on an author of exceptional talent. There is a hunger that lasts with the reader long after the last page in this collection has been turned.”
— M. Jones on Zombie Romance Book Reviews

“Engaging and heart-wrenching all throughout… The simultaneous themes of passion and destruction are unique, resulting in some chilling prose that straddle the darkness between the two.”
— Frida on Frida Fantastic