Hungry For You

There is no greater drug than relationships; there is no sweeter death than love.

Love is horrible. It’s ruthless, messy, mind-altering, and raw. It takes no prisoners. It chews you up and spits you out and leaves you for dead. Love is, you could say, very much like a zombie.

In this haunting short story collection, anything is possible—a dying musician turns to tea for inspiration; a police sergeant struggles with a very unusual victim; a young wife is trapped in a house hiding unimaginable evil….

With Hungry For You, A.M. Harte explores the disturbing and delightful in a collection that unearths the thin boundary between love and death.

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“Ms. Harte writes with such beautiful subtlety that I really needed to pace myself reading Hungry For You. This is a brilliant collection that I recommend to any zombie lovers, those of us who like our fiction on the dark side, or for readers who love love, no matter what it does to you.”
— Soleil Noir on Black Sun Reviews

“Picking a favourite is like trying to choose an ice cream flavour on a hot day… Hungry For You is a testament to why zombies are so much fun to read.”
— Jessica Torres on Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile

“If you have never read A.M. Harte’s work before, you are missing out on an author of exceptional talent. There is a hunger that lasts with the reader long after the last page in this collection has been turned.”
— M. Jones on Zombie Romance Book Reviews

“Who would have thought zombies could be so… tender? [Hungry For You] makes zombies less scary, more revolting, but also morbidly fascinating. It’s smart and spunky, bringing together horror, tragedy, romance and dark humour.”
— Lauren Smith on Violin in a Void

“British author A.M. Harte is one of those who takes the zombie folklore and spins it around to give us a different taste of zombies. I think there is something for everyone in Hungry For You.”
— Tina Mats on One More Page

“It’s not every day in a female zombie fiction fan’s life that you come across [stories] that so strike at the heart of what it is to be a modern straight woman, and to have that followed up by oh no zombies was just awesome.”
— Amanda McNeil on Opinions of a Wolf

“Engaging and heart-wrenching all throughout… The simultaneous themes of passion and destruction are unique, resulting in some chilling prose that straddle the darkness between the two.”
— Frida on Frida Fantastic

“A.M. Harte does a great job of establishing pathos for the characters in each story… A clever juxtaposition of zombies and love.”
— Darkeva on Darkeva’s Dark Delights

“Hungry For You is a well-penned, alluring collection of romance stories laced with a satirical edge of zombie madness… a gentle smorgasbord of dark horror.”
— AF Stewart on AF Stewart’s Blog

“Breathes new life into [zombies]… This anthology introduces you to various images of passion and love in a world that is dark and foreboding. The question remains: will love or the horror prevail in the end?”
— Heather Faville on Doubleshot Reviews

“Hungry For You gives new meaning to horror and short stories… Harte takes you to new and uncharted territory. Each story has its own uniqueness and wonder that draws in the reader from start to finish.”
— Denise on The Pen & Muse

“A great introduction to the world of zombies… I loved all of the stories in this collection and I could easily have read more. The writing is creative, the plots imaginative and the twists generally unexpected. I look forward to reading more from A.M. Harte.”
— Kirsty on Blatant Biblioholic

“The stories are more about humanity and inner struggles than about fright and necrophilia… I really do love how Harte has presented her stories and their meanings with the use of zombies.”
— Bonnie Sparks on Bookish Ardour

“For those that appreciate the lighter side of zombie fiction and enjoy a chuckle with their chills, this is definitely a book to devour!”
— Lisa on Her Book Self

“I never knew zombies could be portrayed in so many ways… the transformations were incredible. Hungry For You is such a pleasant turn from the normal paranormal/fantasy that it gave me goose bumps. I loved it!”
— On Immortality & Beyond

“This book is not like any zombie flick or literature that my eyes have crossed. Who would have thought that a zombie would have emotions, especially feelings of affection or love? If you’re a zombie fan, this book is one you will want to add to your collection.”
— On ParaYourNormal

“If zombies and love can be worked into it, Harte’s written about it… If you’d like to expand your paranormal romance horizons, go grab a copy. It’s well worth the money and time.”
— Keryl Reist on To Publish or Not To Publish

“A fast read, covering eleven beautifully written stories of love, heartache, and the dead rising.”
— Billy Burgess on Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer

“What a great collection of short stories… If you’re in a slump and desperately need something to get you out, then this collection is just for you.”
— Niecole Smit on Fantasmagoriese

“I still don’t like zombies, but if A.M. Harte writes another zombie book, I’ll definitely read it.”
— Bethzaida on BooKittyBlog

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Table of Contents

Epigraph by Gabriel Gadfly
1. Promises
2. Hungry for You
3. Swimming Lessons
4. A Prayer to Garlic
5. Dead Man’s Rose
6. The Cure
7. Seven Birds
8. Family Matters (print only)
9. The Break Up Cafe (print only)
10. Dating the Undead (print only)
11. The Perfect Song
12. Alive
13. Arkady, Kain & Zombies
14. Electricity
Afterword (print only)
Impossible Odds by MCM (print only)

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