It’s stupid to leave now, when you’ve gotten so far. You’re going to be brave and explore a little more, maybe even get that souvenir Mark asked you for.

You let go of the door handle and continue tiptoeing down the hallway, energised by your renewed determination. You can’t hear any more shuffling from behind you; maybe you imagined it all.

As you move away from the main doors, your eyes slowly readjust to the darkness. Your hands feel a little clammy, but your breathing is under control. You can do this.

Eventually, you come across a set of wooden doors, and, slightly further on, two more. All four of these doors have a small square of white paper stuck firmly onto them.

You squint down the hallway to read all four signs: stein, ewte, werekin, and vampire. The only word that rings any bells is the last; everyone has heard the childhood horror stories about vampires.

The signs have made you curious. Clearly these doors have something behind them.

You might as well start with the two closest to you.

What do you do?

* Open the vampire door.
* Open the werekin door.
* Investigate the other two doors.