You stay frozen by the doorway, unable to make a sound or even move, your heart stuttering wildly in your chest.

The statue stares at you, but says nothing. It almost seems to be staring through you, as if it could see into the corridor outside, see the other monster approaching.

For it is approaching—the other monster—you can hear that dragging sound, getting closer, and closer, and your skin crawls at the sound of it.

The statue leans to the side abruptly, reaching for something beside the bed. With your back against the door you have nowhere to go. You watch in disbelief as it picks up that glass bottle. What is it doing?

Then, in a blur of motion, the statue throws the bottle right at you. You don’t have the time to duck, you barely even have the time to turn your head to the side as you flinch.

The bottle hits the side of your head with a sickening thud, and you hear a scream of pain. As you begin to lose consciousness, you realise that scream came from you.

Then everything goes dark.

THE END. (Try again?)