You look at the two doors — ewte and stein — and shake your head slowly. There’s got to be something better ahead.

You continue down the hall, following the curve of the wall, until you come to the end of the hallway, marked solely by a small, inconspicuous door, much like the ones you passed by before. But this door is unmarked, giving you no clue about where it leads to.

You approach it cautiously, holding your breath. The hallway is still, silent. Your shadow grows eerily long against the wall, spider-like. Hand outstretched to open the door, the last thing you expect is the door to open on its own.

The wood smacks into in your hand, bounces back — you hear a clatter as something falls to the ground, then someone curses softly. The voice is low and rasping and makes your skin crawl.

“Who’s there?” Your voice comes out inordinately loud. You cringe, back away from the door, but there’s no reply. Did whoever it was run away? The thought is laughable; that an infected monster would run away from you seems ridiculous.

You look back down the hallway, towards home, and pause when you notice a door to the left. How did you not notice it before? It’s double doors, ornately engraved, are signs of wealth. Perhaps through those doors is some treasure–perhaps even a souvenir for Mark!–although the words engraved on the door are a little ominous. The Pit. What does that mean?

The wooden door is still slightly ajar, and you are curious to know who made the noises on the other side, but these double doors are also tempting.

What do you do?

* Go through the wooden door.
* Go into The Pit.