It’s probably better not to mess with something that’s clearly magical. Who knows what could happen?

You ignore the table and slip through the curtain, taking a moment to stroke the curtain itself. It’s incredibly soft, and dark green in colour. You let go of it reluctantly.

On the other side of the curtain, as you expected, is the stage. The main curtains aren’t drawn; you can see the full theatre now, sprawling before you into the darkness. There are three levels, and each seems to have glass domes around the seats. You can’t help but wonder why.

You walk a little further out on to the stage.

The floor beneath you is made of solid wood beams, dark brown in colour, and is marked by circles and crosses made of tape. In the very centre of the stage is a large circle marked in bright red tape. Clearly something important happens in the middle, although you don’t know what.

To your right is a set of stairs leading down to the seating area, except now you can see that the bottom floor has no seats. The whole floor of the theatre is a standing area, enclosed in one solid dome of glass; this is The Pit, you realize.

The theatre is unnaturally still, silent. It’s a little eerie to be standing in a room so large without another breathing soul beside you.

Where do you go?>b?

* Down the steps into The Pit.
* Into the centre of the stage.
* Return backstage.