You continue down the hallway as quietly as you can, fearful of being heard.

The hallway is as quiet and dark as always, but you can’t help but wonder how long you’ve been inside of the theatre, now. Ten minutes? Half an hour? You never realised how reliant you were on the digital clocks on every street corner until now.

Well, it’s not yet daytime, that’s for sure, so you’ve still got time to keep exploring. You come across two more wooden doors, and, slightly further on, two more. All four of these doors have a small square of white paper stuck firmly onto them.

You squint down the hallway to read all four signs: stein, ewte, werekin, and vampire. The only word that rings any bells is the last; everyone has heard the childhood horror stories about vampires.

The signs have made you curious. Clearly these doors have something behind them. You might as well start with the two closest to you.

What do you do?

* [Open the stein door.](../558/)
* [Open the ewte door.](../567/)
* [Investigate the other two doors.](../537/)