You follow the curve of the hallway and reach two doors, one of them unmarked. The second door has a hastily-scribbled paper sign stuck onto to it, and you move closer to read it.

Angus, it says, rather simply. You wonder who that is.

You look down the hallway. Just ahead you can see the side entrance hallway, the way you came in. A nervous excitement thrums through your body at the thought that you’re almost home, that you’ve made it so far. If you can survive exploring an infected-packed theatre, surely you can stand up to Mark and the other bullies when you get back?

All that stands between you and your triumph are a few unexplored nooks and crannies. And do they even matter?

What do you do?

* Go into Angus’ room.
* Try the unmarked door.
* Continue down the hallway towards home.