Dear Evan Pyre,

I’d like to express my interest in the vampire vacancy as advertised on The Guardian website. As a current employee at Preternatural News, I believe my substantial familiarity with vampire society and culture makes me a competitive candidate for the position.

I have had the privilege of partaking in the development of three newly commissioned vampire-focused publications on behalf of Preternatural News. My current role is that of researcher and writer, and as such I have gained considerable experience in keeping abreast of the latest supernatural developments, writing topical editorial, and liaising with leading vampires across the world. In light of these responsibilities, my strong interpersonal and communicative skills have been a definite asset. Furthermore, the high level of independence within this position highlights my organizational abilities, which are so crucial to the vampire identity.

Previous experience includes an internship at Triptych Corporation, during which one of my responsibilities was to identify market trends amongst humans and propose new commercially viable areas for expansion—a skill set which can only contribute to the virile underground vampire economy.

My lack of hands-on experience in being supernatural is offset by the extensive theoretical knowledge gleaned during my MA in Vampire Literature at Hertfordshire University, which covered all aspects from the initial making, diet requirements and procreation, to the final resolution. Furthermore, my intention as an immortal is to establish a sister publication to Preternatural News, focusing on delivering high quality reports not to humans but to other supernatural beings, thereby enhancing the profile of the vampire community I join.

I believe that both technical knowledge and practical ambitions are equally important: a human needs a deep biological understanding in order to become a vampire, but needs long-term ambitions in order to become a successful vampire. Thus the opportunity to join an already thriving society such as the London ‘Pyres is of great interest to me.

I think my unique combination of interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and experience developing cutting-edge vampire-focused publications makes me an ideal person to help expand the London ‘Pyres dominion. But most of all, I thrive on challenge and change, and look forward to new and exciting opportunities which will allow me to develop to my fullest potential.

I’d welcome the chance to provide you with any additional information to supplement my CV (attached). Please do not hesitate to let me know should you have any further questions.

Thank you very much for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Wanabi

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