Today’s To Do List

  1. Sleep through the Royal wedding
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Write a to do list
  4. Tidy bedroom
    1. Write a to do list for bedroom tidying
    2. Actually tidy bedroom
  5. Clean kitchen
  6. Plan for Party Like It’s 1889 blog tour
    1. Panic
    2. Email book bloggers
    3. Schedule posts
  7. Find out whether rabbits can scream
    1. Spend twenty minutes watching rabbit videos on youtube
  8. Eat lunch
  9. Google “funny to do lists”
  10. Sulk about people using “your” when they mean “you’re”
  11. Write a short story for fridayflash
  12. Write a book review
  13. Retake the Jung Typology Test for the fourth time, just to be sure
  14. Browse
  15. Decide what to have for dinner
  16. Write a chapter
  17. Last round of novel edits
  18. Realise how little has been accomplished today
  19. Write a blog post about to do lists

What a productive day.

5 thoughts on “Today’s To Do List

    • Yes they can, when they’re really scared/hurt.

      (I was supposed to be writing a story where a witch sacrifices a rabbit in a ritual to bring someone back to life, which is why I ended up searching for the answer…. In the end I think I’ll pick another sacrifice animal that doesn’t make noise!)

  1. Uhm. Don’t noises make the sacrifice more worthwhile? Also, why aren’t you online when I need someone to talk to?

  2. work harder on your stories! it will sound better! im not saying the other stories are bad but there good! just fix them up a little!

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