Win a Kindle, Ebooks, & More!

because it is!Over on 1889 Labs, we’ve been running a month-long promotion throughout May with dozens of prizes up for grabs. We’re calling it Party Like It’s 1889.

Every week in May has seen a different 1889 Labs author step into the spotlight to throw a mini party, promote their book, and give away prizes, and this week — the last week of Party Like It’s 1889 — it’s MY turn.

Win prizes!

One of this week’s prizes could be yours. I am giving away:

  • A Hungry For You ebook via book blog Juniper Grove
  • Another Hungry For You ebook via Two Ends of the Pen
  • A $10 Amazon voucher
  • An 1889 Labs paperback of your choosing

But that’s not all.

We’ve also been running a month-long giveaway for some seriously cool prizes. All entries for my giveaway this week ALSO count towards the grand prizes!

What are the grand prizes?

  1. A Kindle + a VIP ticket granting you access to ARCs of every title we publish in 2011.
  2. A VIP ticket as above — that’s 10+ free ebooks!
  3. A backstage pass, granting you a free advance copy of the next title we publish in June 2011 (TBA).

TWO chances of winning. Lots of prizes.

What are you waiting for? Enter the giveaway.

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