Fancy being on the radio?

Not literally on top of a radio — that would be silly.

As you may know, I’m the director and host of Webfiction World, a bi-monthly podcast dedicated to e-fiction which has been running since June.

Halfway through the show, we have a reading slot to give listeners a reprieve from my insanity brilliance, with of course credits & links to the author.

We’re looking for more readers and stories to showcase each episode.

Are you an author?

Do you have a:

  • Short story or stand-alone excerpt (any genre),
  • Max 1500 words,
  • Works well for readings,
  • Have freely available fiction online;
  • You’re the author and/or can give us permission to perform/record?

Then please drop a line in the comments!

If you already record readings of your own stories, you can also submit the audio file directly to us — please ask for details.

We also have a bunch of readings that need your voice to bring them to life. We send you a story, you whip out your mic and record it, and then your reading features on our podcast, with a credit to you of course! Interested? Please drop an email saying so to webfictionworld [at] gmail [dot] com

NB Obviously we can’t guarantee 100% that your readings/excerpts will be used, or when if it is. But most likely we will — don’t let this disclaimer dissuade you!

16 thoughts on “Fancy being on the radio?

    • Cool! We’ve already featured a couple excerpts from your work — you’re now up for being a reader? :-D

      Please email webfictionworld [at] gmail [dot] com — Fes (the producer, who checks that email) is the one who organises/schedules/plans readings.

  1. Hell yes I like the sound of my own voice.
    It’s like a honeypot. You put this out there and expect that you’ll come round and find me with it atop my head and honey dripping off my shoulders.
    You have. But at least this time I’ve remembered to bring a towel.

    • I think your morals would work really well as readings — why don’t you select a couple that are under 1,500 words to be featured on the show? We do really need more excerpts/stories to showcase!

  2. Unfortunately, I have a terrible nasally and unusually deep (and terrible sounding voice and a slight stutter) but one day I’d like to have something read. Unfortunately I also have no web fiction online anymore. =(. I need to catch up on your podcasts. They are really entertaining.

    • That’s fine, Tim. I’ve added your chapter to our list of readings — if there’s interest, one of our regular readers will select & record it!

      • Thanks! I’m not much of a reader, but if you are looking for guests or anything like that, I’d be game for participating somehow.

        You can always get hold of my on Twitter, @TimSevenhuysen.

  3. Author here, checking in to say I’d LOVE if you used some of my fiction on your webcasts. I’m not set up (yet) to do audio myself, which is a shame since I’m an FCC-licensed DJ and have done this sort of thing for years, but in my author hat, I’ve got plenty for you to choose from!

  4. I’m a really green writer, but I have a few short stories I can send you. Nothing on audio yet, I’m still building the web site. Is there some kind of compensation involved?

    • Are those stories posted online? Since the podcast is mainly about freely available online fiction, we only accept stories already posted online as opposed to direct submissions.

      On that note, since it’s a show about free fiction, and we don’t receive any compensation (other than personal satisfaction!) for running it, I’m afraid we don’t offer monetary compensation. However, some would argue that being exposed to a new audience, and getting credit/a link back to your website, is compensation enough. :-)

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