The World Hasn’t Ended!

If you’re reading this, then the Mayan apocalypse doomsday hype was exactly that – a hype.

(On the other hand, if the world has truly ended, then no one will be able to read this and prove me wrong. Hurray!)

The plus side of the gloomy end-of-world predictions is that I’ve learnt a bit about solar flares, Nibiru, Mayans, and supermassive black holes.

The downside – other than the film 2012 – is, of course, that some cunning people have made manure-loads of money off of the naive.

And so life goes on…


Bolon Yokye K'uh According to my limited research Wikipedia, this fashion-conscious chap – aka the god Bolon Yokye’ K’uh, associated with the underworld – was supposed to do something today.

Some believed he was going to descend onto Earth and smite us all, others thought he’d hurl planetary rocks at us, others still thought he’d shake his booty until the ground ripped itself apart. Judging by his open mouth, maybe he’s just hungry and wants to have an Earth-sized snack.

But why the doomsday predictions?

He could easily be having his first ever Big Bang Theory party. He’s an ancient god, after all. They’re a bit slow at catching onto TV series.


The end of something is not the end of everything.

What everyone focussed on was poor Bolon Yokye’ K’uh’s connections to the underworld and destruction. A little closer reading on Wikipedia shows that old Bolon was also present at creation events.

After all, the end of one cycle is the beginning of another.

If anything, we should take today as a day of change. A day to set aside old things and begin anew. And, since the new year fast approaches, perhaps it is also a day to reflect on any changes within ourselves that we would like to accomplish.

Today marks the end of Bolon Yokye’ K’uh’s permanent #LOFNOTC membership, and the beginning of a weekly Big Bank Theory lovefest.

Eat that, doomsday lovers.

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