A mini-Silver in 3D!

Hello, all!

This is a silly little update, but I thought I’d spread the fun.

As you may recall, I ran a blog tour for the print/ebook release of Above Ground last November, with prizes up for grabs.

One of the prizes was a mini foldable character of the winner’s choosing. Onge, the winner, picked Silver.

I had great fun designing the mini Silver online, but it doesn’t compare to how cool it is to see a photo of the final result. Bless his grumpy face.

You’ll have to ask Onge how hard Silver was to assemble. :-)

p.s. I am 99% positive that my NEXT release is going to be a Jake/Fang novella, covering how they met and ended up with the Lakeside pack. I’m already working on it now – aiming to start posting mid-year. Woo!

2 thoughts on “A mini-Silver in 3D!

  1. I like the cubee Silver – I once downloaded and built cubees for James Spader and William Shatner based on their Boston Legal personas – I think our Wiero chewed them up.

    Excited by the idea of a Jake/Fang novella. I find the sidestories add so much to the main line, without sidetracking or overloading.

  2. Thanks again! It is awesome to have Silver sitting on my bookshelf. He was super easy to assemble!
    I’m excited about the novella too! I’ll take anything I can get from the Above Ground world!

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