I’m Alive! And Other Stories

*watches tumbleweeds roll past*

Oops! In case you were worried, yes, I’m still alive. I simply had entirely “forgotten” about updating my blog, until I looked today and realised it’s been pretty much a year. Cue a lot of guilty feelings and mid-year resolutions to do better.

To bring you up to speed, here are the top 4 things that have occupied my mind over the last 12 months:

  1. Real Life
    Yes, yes. Yawn. I know. But between increased responsibilities at work and buying an apartment, life has been far too grown-up for me to handle.

  2. Epic TV
    It’s been kind of hard to find the time to write between Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, Westworld, The Handmaid’s Tale, Lucifer, Preacher… Okay fine, I’m the queen of procrastination.

  3. Bookstagram
    Seriously. 12 months ago I barely knew it was a thing. A year on, and I spend half my life there. I haven’t felt the urge to blog here, because instagram scratches the microblogging itch. Love it!

  4. Writing Sabbatical
    Most importantly, I’ve taken the last 3 months to write a new novel! It is a science fiction detective story set in a futuristic Canada. I am super excited to finally be writing new content, and look forward to sharing updates with you. I will also be looking for beta readers so if you’re interested in being an early reader, please sign up to my mailing list.


Enough with the excuses. I solemnly swear to get more organised. Here’s my monumental to do list:

  • Finish my WIP novel!
  • Blog regularly (once/month)
  • Figure out what content to send my mailing list subscribers (open to suggestions! writing advice? book reviews?)
  • Think about updating this website
  • Probably something else I’ve forgotten

In the meantime, help me catch up: what’s been occupying your mind for the last 12 months?

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