A mini-Silver in 3D!

Hello, all!

This is a silly little update, but I thought I’d spread the fun.

As you may recall, I ran a blog tour for the print/ebook release of Above Ground last November, with prizes up for grabs.

One of the prizes was a mini foldable character of the winner’s choosing. Onge, the winner, picked Silver.

I had great fun designing the mini Silver online, but it doesn’t compare to how cool it is to see a photo of the final result. Bless his grumpy face.

You’ll have to ask Onge how hard Silver was to assemble. :-)

p.s. I am 99% positive that my NEXT release is going to be a Jake/Fang novella, covering how they met and ended up with the Lakeside pack. I’m already working on it now – aiming to start posting mid-year. Woo!

Above Ground Blog Tour Winners!

The time has come to draw the Above Ground blog tour to a close.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who followed along. You rock.

Secondly, yes, I’m finally going to tell you what the prizes are.

As part of the month-long tour, I ran a mystery raffle with 11 secret prizes up for grabs. Each prize was based off of the letters in the title “Above Ground”… and now, I’m going to reveal what the prizes are.

But first, an important note:

There is no way I can FAIRLY assign prizes to winners. Instead, each winner should claim what prize they want in the comments. Crossed out prizes are already claimed.

Onto the prizes:

The Prizes!

  1. Appearance – a cameo of you in my next release
  2. Book! A print copy of either Above Ground or Hungry For You
  3. Origami – a foldable version of any Above Ground character
  4. Voucher – a $5 Amazon voucher
  5. Ebooks of Above Ground, Hungry For You & Merge
  6. Goodie bag – postcards and fun stuff!
  7. Request – a flash fiction written on a subject of your choosing
  8. Object d’art (kinda) – a poster of the cover of Above Ground
  9. Untold secrets! 5 spoilers for Above Ground
  10. Note from the author – a letter from me, plus a treat
  11. Drawing – surprise print of Above Ground artwork

So now you know the prizes. But which lucky people are the winners?

And the winners are…

The Winners!

  • WA_side – goodie bag!
  • Kyle Newton – $5 voucher
  • Brittni Kay Snye – ebooks
  • Andreea
  • Alicia – note from me
  • Jaid Keenan – untold secrets!
  • Lillie Webb
  • Jim Larranaga
  • Onge – origami
  • Fiery Na
  • Victoria Zumbrum – print copy of Above Ground

Thank you to everyone for following along, and congratulations to the winners!

Winners, claim your prize by leaving a comment!
First come, first served.

Best of #Fridayflash: Volume 2

Oops – I completely forgot to mention this amidst the chaos of the Above Ground blog tour last month!

(Speaking of: blog tour winners to be announced soon!)


I am delighted to announce that my (very) short story When Passion Fails is featured in The Best of #Fridayflash: Volume 2!

BOFF2-150 In late 2009 J.M. Strother launched the #FridayFlash hashtag on Twitter and a new writing community was born. The hashtag has grown into a vibrant and thriving writing and reading community who embrace new, emerging and established writers from across the globe every week in celebration of the flash fiction form.

The Best of Friday Flash: Volume 2 brims with a second helping of poignant, uplifting, brutal, funny, melancholic and twisted snap shots of life: past present and future.

Listen to When Passion Fails:

When Passion Fails is among the shortest stories I’ve ever written, but even now it brings a little smile to my face when I read it.

You can buy a copy of BOFF2 direct from eMergent Publishing – the ebook is $5, and as it features 58 short stories, you’re bound to find something you like.


Above Ground Blog Tour: The End Is Nigh!

From November 1st to 30th, I’ve been running a blog tour to celebrate the release of Above Ground.

Enter to win the tour-wide giveaway by December 1st for your chance to win a mystery prize!

Tweet along with the tour using #AboveGroundTour, and make sure to visit…


A Bit of Dash Graham Storrs


It’s been an absolute whirlwind of a month, so I don’t blame you for missing a stop or two. Below is a recap of the month’s posts.

Guest posts:



Fun stuff:

Don’t forget that you can still enter to win in the mystery raffle!

Thank you everyone for following along thus far. Woo!

Above Ground Blog Tour: One Week Left!

From November 1st to 30th, I’m running a blog tour to celebrate the release of Above Ground.
Enter to win the tour-wide giveaway!

Every comment you leave on a blog tour stop enters you to win prizes!
Don’t forget to check out the week one and week two recaps.

Missed any posts? Catch up now!

Don’t forget that you can still leave comments on the above posts – comments give you more chances to win in the mystery raffle!

Tweet along with the tour using #AboveGroundTour, and please do visit the tour hosts each day. Posts should go live about 8AM EST / midday London time.

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