You go left.

You follow the curve of the hallway, and pass by two unmarked doors. You stop when you see them, unable to quell a gasp when you realize they are made of wood. Wood! One door alone would cost more than your house.

You trace the surface of one of the doors, and have to repress the urge to knock on it to test whether it’s hollow.

Then: a shuffling noise behind you! Someone is coming your way!

You hold your breath, and begin tiptoeing further down the hallway, away from the sound. Your heart is beating erratically in your chest, and you force yourself to exhale as quietly as possible.

The hallway ahead of you looks a little brighter. As you tiptoe towards the light you realize why: you’ve made it to the front of the theatre. The double doors—the main entrance to the theatre—are made of glass, and the moonlight shines through the doors to illuminate walls which are not brown, as you can now see, but dull red.

You edge closer to the doors, then pause, conflicted. You can’t hear any more noises coming from behind you, but your heart is beating so fast you can barely hear anything else, anyway.

The doors are beckoning you. Now is your chance to sneak out and make it back to safety before the monsters catch you.

You grab the door handle, then pause and look down the rest of the corridor, the part you haven’t explored. Mark asked you to bring back a souvenir. You could always try scouting around a little further.

What do you do?

* Go through the door.
* Continue exploring!