Curiosity killed the cat… but you’re not a cat, so you should be fine.

You wait a few moments, then allow your muscles to relax, pushing yourself off the floor. There is no one in the theatre. Your feet whisper against the ground as you walk over to the secret door.

The creature left the door ajar. You put your back against the wall, next to the door, and listen carefully. No sounds from inside – it should be safe.

You slip through the door, and pause to let your eyes adjust to the darkness. Once inside it isn’t as dark as it first seemed: there is a faint glow of strip lighting along one side. The tunnel is solid cement, and stretches out to either side, sloping down sharply on your right, and curving gently upwards to your left.

You hold your breath and listen, but hear nothing.

This seems familiar…

* Left.
* Right.