Hungry for WIN!

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The long-awaited day is here.

You know what I’m talking about. Today’s the day you, your mom, your hairdresser and your dog are going to help me show Suzanne Adair just how unstoppable the undead can be.

I can already see the newspaper headlines: ZOMBIES KILLED THE BLOG TOUR STAR.

All you’ve got to do is leave a comment here on this very post, today.

You see, this week isn’t about literary merit and similar nonsense. This is an author cage match, down and dirty, gritty and grimy. The author who earns the most relevant comments gets the Championship title, and I want that author to be me.

But there’s some stiff competition out there. My zombie hordes sure enjoyed reading Monogamy Sucks, and Plain Jane was another tasty meal read. Not to mention the title coming up tomorrow, Nearly Departed in Deadwood, which has enough dead bodies to keep any horde happy.

Sure, my opponent’s read, Paper Woman, is pretty thrilling. Award-winning, in fact. The kickass heroine overcomes bandits, assassins and slaves during the turbulent American Revolution in order to unearth the truth about her father’s murder.

But let’s face it, no woman — paper or otherwise — can be stiff competition to a zombie. Because zombies are the essence of stiff. Like, everywhere. Nevermind. Carry on.

On to the fun stuff: PRIZES!

1. Comment here for an instant win! Tell me how you’d survive the zombie apocalypse and win an ebook copy of Hungry For You. Remember to include your email address! [Oops! Too late. BUT I could still be tempted to give you a copy, if you promise to leave a review on…. hinthintnudgenudge!]

2. Pick your favourite post about of Hungry For You (between Hopeless Bibliophile, Attack of the Book, Black Sun Reviews, The Itzel Library, ParaYourNormal, and/or The Pen & Muse) and comment there with the phrase “I’m hungry for print!” to be entered to win an awesome goodie bag, including a signed paperback, limited edition postcards, and more surprises! Plus three runner-ups will receive a surprise gift, too! (Open worldwide till May 1st). [Winners announced!]

3. Every relevant comment – on this and any of the posts linked above – counts as an entry toward the Kindle grand prize! Want extra entries? Like my facebook page or follow me on twitter! [Sorry guys, this prize is now gone!]

4. I am also giving away one ebook from the 1889 Labs library. That’s right! You can pick any title you want, and I’ll send my horde of zombies off to collect a copy for you. You can’t say no to a free book! All you’ve got to do is like the 1889 facebook page, and leave a comment on the wall saying, “I’m dying for a free book!” [Congrats to winners Bill Kamerer & Jaimemarie Grissum!]

That’s it! Now get commenting, and help this zombie kick blog tour ass!
Leave a comment now!

117 thoughts on “Hungry for WIN!

  1. HA! First!
    Also, Zombies totally rule the world. Let’s face it, only unicorns stand a chance against them. So unless any of those other books feature unicorns, you’ll totally kick ass!

    So yeah, the only fool proof way to survive a zombie apocalypse is to bring a unicorn. Preferably a unicorn of the robot kind. yes, I totally made this post ten times more awesome by referencing that game :p

    Hungry for print!
    And you!
    And chocolate!

  2. Zombies must die!!! I already have my basement zombied proofed.. Loads of weapons and ammo ready to aim for the head!.
    I would soo be hiding underground with my 12 feet width of concret walls. lol

    jgrissum AT msn DOT com

  3. Surviving the zombie apocalypse is all about attitude. When it comes to survival mode, what’s more useful – a stranger, or the ammo he might be carrying? Your dog, or fifty pounds of meat? Compassion is a luxury of civilization. In the absence of civilization, survivors will have skill sets like:
    Engineering (check); First Aid (check); Trapmaking (check); Toxicology (check); Nutrition (check); Firearms (check); Dirty Fighting (check); Alertness (needs work; remind me to work on that if we expect zombie apocalypse).
    Notice the absence of things like Diplomacy, or Empathy, or really any of what are commonly considered social virtues. It’s a rough life, but it’s life. Surviving the zombie apocalypse means being willing and able to drop someone without a second thought on the off chance that they just might be a zombie.

    Or, of course, if they have chocolate. No one will blame me for killing a man for his chocolate… right?

    See you in the aftermath! No promises that you’ll see me. Especially if you have chocolate.

      • Well, I just might share chocolate with you. Two people together is still a low enough number to be functional as a unit in a survival setting.

        • Well, since I’ll be providing Belgian chocolate, and Belgian chocolate is easily the best chocolate in the world, I feel quite sad that even if I bring a unicorn, I probably won’t survive the zombie apocalypse, thanks to backstabbing humans….

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  7. I already have your book but I wanted to stop by and show my support :)

    I also left the phrase I’m hungry for print! on the review over at Black Sun Reviews

    As for how I would survive the Zombie apocalypse…align myself with some slower people that may or may not become Zombie fodder :)

    JaidisShaw at yahoo dot com

  8. Surviving an attack of zombies would be easy peazy. They come with legs, don’t they? And they’re not too smart, are they? And we come with weapons and smarts, don’t we? So, shoot those zombies in the head with your gun, then tear off their legs and, using them as a weapons, beat them to death with the bloody stumps! The exercise you get alone would be worth it. Think of all that upper body strength you’d be acquiring. It’s a win/win — for the humans.

    Humans rule!

    I’m hungry for print!
    I’m also VERY hungry for Chocolate! Belgian chocolate…oooo.
    reb (at) rebeccasinclair (dot) com

  9. Tell me how you’d survive the zombie apocalypse:

    Oo, I got this one!!! (This one already went around facebook). I got my five top friends who are gonna help me kick butt!! All women too, so you know we are gonna survive.
    ladybug07999 at yahoo dot com

  10. hi A.M.! how about making all those zombies hungry for one another. by letting them finish each other off we get them out of our way and we can all eat our Belgian chocolates in peace.

    good luck to you and Suzanne! c”,)

  11. I love zombie movies, I figure it’s about time I finally read some zombie stories!

    I’d hide out in my bunker that would be conveniently located under a library with a hidden tunnel so I could get a fix when I needed something new to read. Yes, that was my first thought. Not food, not clothes, but what am I going to read?

    And of course said bunker would have to be equipped with some sort of hydroponic system so I could grow vegetables and other produce. Stuff worrying about meat, I’d go vegetarian completely for a zombie apocalypse.

    Yep, I’d wait it out with books. And maybe a few good movies.

    I’ve also commented over on Black Sun Reviews and on the FaceBook page.
    email – bookishardour (at) gmail (dot) com

    Good luck!

  12. I’m voting for Zombies in this leg of the cage match, because yes…I have zombies on the brain (fortunately figuratively and not literally!) this year.
    My survival tactic for the inevitable undead invasion: I don’t believe that zombies can swim, so I’m taking up yatching! (If anyone sights any pirate zombies, please let me know and I’ll have to go with option number two…getting my hands on a submarine.)

    PS. I must say that I really find the cover for ‘Hungry For You’ compelling; it’s simple but effective…and ooooh…bright colours!

    Good luck with the Cage Match and I can’t wait to devour read ‘Hungry For You’.

    • Thanks, James! Glad you like the cover. Funny that you mention swimming, actually…. There’s a story in Hungry For You called “Swimming Lessons” ;-)

  13. Wow, what a mighty rush of comments already!
    I have no idea whatsoever how I’d survive a zombie apocalypse. Probably won’t, anyway. I really hope you win in this match and as zombie stories have always been a favourite with me, I give you my unconditional vote.
    And I’m most positively hungry for your book, can be reached at
    forestlove at abv dot bg
    Thanks and good luck!

  14. Survive the zombie apocalypse? You’re kidding right?

    Personally I plan on taking the same path as Woodie Harrelson’s character in Zombieland…search for twinkies and enjoy all of the zombie killing I can while I’m still alive.

  15. I’d survive a zombie apocalypse making sure I am stocked up on all kinds of weapons. Make sure I have a good place to bunk up with all the supplies I need. And follow the rules of Zombieland cause that guy had some great advice. LOL. You are a new author to me. I love zombies. Haven’t got to read too many zombie books yet. Yours sounds really good. Bacame a fan on facebook(sue brandes). Left a comment on 1889 and Attack of the Book.

  16. Hi A. M.! I had the pleasure of reading your book before the tour began and really enjoyed it. I have provided a brief review on ParaYourNormal’s blog if you or anyone else is interested in reading it. Best wishes for your Blog Tour de Force day.

  17. How would I survive a zombie Apocalypse? By crying…hard. Actually, I’ll go to one of those bunkers and just hang out until it’s over. Zombies are freaking scary.

  18. Your book just might be the right book to get me out of a reading rut. Something new to sink my teeth into.
    As far as surviving zombies. Well, I have a 100% red-neck BIL that has the largest cache of weapons I have ever seen. They live on a lake with a huge basement and the man can fix or build anything. So, I’ll be there if anyone needs me if that happens. LOL.
    Thanks for the opportunity to explore a new world.

    janeencerrito at yahoo dot com

  19. I would grab all of my friends (if they are still alive?)and hide put in a cave or a tunnel until it was all over and hope there was enough food to keep us going. Having big guns would definitely help if they tried to get in and get us!!!

  20. I’d survive the zombie apocalypse by becoming a zombie. Oh, I guess that means I didn’t survive it. So I guess I’d move to Argentina.

  21. I would definitely follow Columbus’ rules from Zombieland. (In case you need a refresher.) Those are great rules to live by even if there isn’t a zombie apocalypse! Best of luck in the cage match and I’m really looking forward to reading Hungry For You.

  22. Hmmm, how best to survive the zombie apocalypse?

    I think I’d get a good sniper position and arm myself with a fire-hose connected to an industrial sized tank of liquid chocolate. I figure if I choc-coat all of the zombies, they’ll get eaten by the ravenous hoard of chocoholic humans that are still alive and then I’ll be safe. At least until the chocolate runs out …

    Maybe I’d need to leave a trail of wrapped chocolates back to the factory, just in case the humans have developed a taste for flesh and chocolate.

    I’ve already got Hungry for You on my Kindle for Android – and it is an awesome read, so no need to send me another. :D

    • Ok, I’ve been over to read the reviews, and I’ve left a comment on Soleil’s Blog (Black Sun Reviews), and I’ve posted comments on the other reviews/interviews too.

      I’m not sure why I hadn’t already “liked” you or 1889 Labs on facebook, but I have now. Of course, I’m already following you on twitter, but I could unfollow and re-follow if necessary!

  23. I found you through:
    And I think this sounds just fabulous.
    Hop over to my blog (it’s my website) to get the full answer of how’d I survive.
    The short answer is: Hubs and I go to neighbor’s house, team up with him & his many, many guns. Then we’d run to his sister’s house in the country, no neighbors or cities for miles. Hole up there, and we’ll survive.
    Thanks for writing what sounds like an awesome book!

  24. hola leí la reseña del libro, y me pareció completamente original! estoy esperando ansiosa por leerlo! ^^
    saludos ^^

  25. I’ve always felt that surviving the zombie apocalypse is all about knowing your own strengths and weaknesses. My main weakness is that I’m ridiculously uncoordinated. I’ve been know to severely injure myself walking into doorframes so I doubt that I would be the one to be trusted with the arsenal of weapons or the getaway car. (In my defense I was the archery champion of middle school summer camp so I could probably hold my own with a bow and arrow or a nice sawed off shotgun…) Nevertheless, strength is not my strength, but I do have brains. Where most people would argue that this would make me little more than zombie bait, I’m a research scientist and I think I could best serve in the zombie apocalypse as the slightly-mad scientist who eventually saves the world by discovering the zombie antidote-vaccine combo that not only prevents the last of mankind from turning into flesh eating undead but can actually revert our fallen friends back to their coherent human state!

    Thanks for the giveaway, the book sounds great!
    herbookself at gmail dot com

  26. To survive the zombie apocalypse, I would try to outsmart the zombies. I would try to find a safe place to hide and develop a plan to save the world. Maybe I would find that I have to ability to control all zombies with my mind! I would love a chance to read your book.

    carolewooten at sbcglobal dot net

  27. It’s all about going native. You need to think and act like a zombie. Moaning, brainless, stumbling idiots. Yeah not far off quite a few people I know! Eat in secret though and keep a couple of covert weapons about your person. I’m sure you could easily blend in with the undead and survive until they finally cease to be???
    Yeah, that’d work. Defo.

  28. When it comes to compelling reads, zombies are definitely a prerequisite. I’m rooting for you! Good luck!

  29. Zombies are a lot like wolves: they move in packs and are hungry. Also, neither of them can climb trees. So grab a six-pack and head up into the canopy.

    Now, this is difficult in the deciduous forests of Rhode Island, but next we’ll be using vines to swing from tree to tree. The goal is to visit the nearest convenience store and load up on snacks. We’re going to need high-fat, high-sugar calories, not only for their energy density, but also for their soporific properties. We’re going to be running on adrenaline but we’ll still need to sleep. Answer: food coma.

    After we have shelter and supplies, we’ll need a way to keep communications networks alive to coordinate an offense. Throw away your iphone and get yourself a badass amateur radio set and a neat callsign, like “Silver Ghost.” But not Silver Ghost, because that’s mine.

    Now that we have shelter, supplies and a communications infrastructure, we’ll need weapons. This is where it gets tricky as I have to break it down by region, and I’m only well-versed enough to provide advice for four geographic areas. Please provide background on your area if you can.

    As an American, weapons are not a problem because each of us is issued three rifles a year from the age of six onward. I have enough rifles that I can affix bayonets and use them as javelins from my tree-perch.

    For those of you in backwards, ex-feudal countries, go appeal to your local lord for pikes or spears. The same ones that you used so successfully to keep out the Normans.

    Continental Europeans won’t need weapons, as you should use the vilest cheese that your nation produces to mask your scent. If you live in Italy and have access to casu marzu, your life will be minimally impacted by the zombie outbreak.

    Australians should begin keeping kangaroos as they are the mortal enemies of zombies, because they can do everything that zombies cannot: jump, box and successfully gestate very premature fetuses. Zombies are envious of the kangaroo lifestyle, and steer clear of them due to the sadness that it would cause.

    That’s the outline of my plan, and there are many details that I had to leave out, but I think that covers the basics.

  30. Hmm, to survive the zombie apocalypse I think I’d use the superpower I picked up at Amber Scott’s site earlier on this Blog Tour: I chose telekinesis, so it’ll be easy for me to just push the zombies off the nearest cliff with the awesome power of my mind. Ha!

    Good luck on the tour! :)

    wntrrr at gmail dot com

  31. Your book really looks great!! I have no idea how to defeat Zombies!! The only thing I would hope to do, is stay out of their way (HIDE).

    I think I done everything:) Liked on FB, followed on twitter @ladymagnolia99,liked and commented at 1889labs on FB, read review and did comment.

    Good luck in the match!!!


  32. Okay I have to admit it, don’t gasp and turn away in scorn, but I have never read a zombie book – there it is out in the open and now I will finally take that first step into zombie world. Just remember that it was your book that first peaked my interest with was sounds like a very interesting read with humor and adventure. If my family comes looking for me, just tell them I’m off to zombie world exploring. I also enjoyed the Black Sun blog and appreciate your turning me on to a new site. Keep those fists up and come out swinging this is a cage match after-all!

    • Don’t worry Denise, this was my first time writing one! And I’ve only read a couple — between you and me, zombies scare me to death and I avoid them a lot!

  33. Is it even possible to survive a zombie apocalypse? Do we even want to try? I can’t shoot. I can’t run. Probably can’t hide too well. Chances of survival? Not much. Except I’m too old to have much of a brain left to chomp on! They would probably walk right past me.
    I’m following you on facebook and twitter too. Loving those zombies!
    christygibbon at juno dot com

    • You know, I don’t think it would be possible, really. But it would depend on the kind of zombies there are I guess! And whether they are hungry for brains…. or something else. ;-)

  34. Hi!
    you speak spanish?? i see paula’s comment ;)
    anyway, i’m going to write everything in english, hoping you understand me :)
    I read your interview in The Itzel Library, so i’m here now :D
    so if there’s a zombie apocalypse i would… grab all my stuff, a lot of food and hide under ground until there are gone… if they don’t go, i would travel around the world searching for atlantis and start a new civilization :P
    ah! and if run out of food i would start hunting like Katniss in the hunger games ;)
    well, it’s crazy, but in time of desperation is all i an do… LOL
    and if any of that works… well i would get used to eat human meat… yum! (lol)
    my favorite post is The Itzel Library :D And i already put the “Hungry for print” comment :D
    i like your facebook page:
    and i follow you on twitter:!/andii_mvi
    what else… i post the comment on 1889 Labs wall:

    that’s all!
    thanks for this, and good luck!
    oh! and… Hungry for win!!!!! ;)

  35. Okay. When the zombie apocalypse finally comes, I am going to pack my car with my survival gear and food supplies and head for a cabin in the woods. They’re going to be thick woods, far away from heavily populated areas, but the woods are also going to have nice clearings where I can start planting my garden and herding my goats and cattle that I’ll steal from farms after the farmers have all been killed by the zombies. (Assuming said farmers aren’t as prepared for zombie battle as I am.) So I’ll live in the woods, keeping to myself, fighting off the rogue zombies that stumble and lurch onto my newfound property, and I’ll probably read and write my remaining days away… if all goes according to plan, and I can sustain myself without getting myself killed… it’ll be a pretty sweet and literary life after the end. I’m pretty confident I’ll make it….

    Good luck with this, I hope you win the challenge! And thank you for the ebook – I will be sure to give it a review on my blog when I’m finished reading it!

    vampirezombiesfromspace at gmail dot com

  36. I’m so slow, so I wouldn’t survive a zombie apocalypse. The best I can hope for is to be one of the first to go, because stress gives me heartburn, and then I’d be an IRRITABLE zombie, and nobody wants that.

    • I’ll save you first, because I plan on robbing the Hat & Sunglasses Emporium and I only have one head and two eyeballs. We can put the ugly ones on the zombies to make them stylin’.

  37. I would so totally be for being a zombie. Let’s face it, they do what they want; when they want. They have no bills to pay, they only look after themselves. Of course the whole eating people would be gross. Maybe I could be the first vegatarian zombie! Yeah thats it. I’d just eat leaves or something. LOL

    Good luck on the cage match!

  38. My teenage sons are Left 4 Dead veterans, so I’ve heard allll the strategies for surviving an attack of zombies. LOL Even though zombies aren’t my thing, I enjoyed your book. I’ve recommended it twice on Kindleboards, when people were looking for zombie fiction. Good sales to you!

    Suzanne Adair

  39. I would find an island that was zombie free and take it over. Bring plenty of seeds to grow my own fruits and vegetables. Fishing gear, satellite radio and water purifier. You get the idea. Would definitely need to bring my family, because it would get kinda lonely there!

    Following on twitter and FB. Commented at ParaYourNormal.



    I would survive the zombie apocalypse by getting on a boat and staying on it, lol. Fish never sounded so good!

    I liked your facebook page.
    Posted on ParaYourNormal.
    Following on twitter.

    The book sounds awesome!

  41. I used to think I wanted to survive the zombie apocalypse, but I’ve decided on a better tactic. I want to get infect, and then I’m going to put on full body armor and rivet metal plates to my head so I can be the boss zombie at the end of the level.

  42. Hi,
    I love Zombies…and I wanted to say I am looking forward to reading your book.

    As for surviving the zombie apocalypse? Run like hell like they did in the movie “28 Days Later” and try to find a cache of weapons, and someone like Woody Harrelson’s character in “Zombieland” to join up with. Then enjoy my remaining days making the undead…finally dead. Or maybe find the last remaining non-zombie woman left alive to have incredible sex with one more time before we died.

    Or as Columbus says in “Zombieland”…you got to enjoy the little things.

    Good luck today in your cage match,

    George Pappas

  43. :) How I would survive a zombie apocolypse. Lock and load my blunderbuss and keep shooting:)

    I’ve added you to twitter and facebook as well as liked the 1889 labs facebook page:)
    Checked the reviews out and commented on Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile:)


  44. I loved Hungry for You!!! Every tale was so well written and fun to read. Looks like you’re doing well today on the comment front–sweet! Good luck and thanks for writing such an entertaining book.

    Ann Charles

  45. To survive a zombie apocalypse, I would definitely carry a huge machete with me everywhere I went. I would also want an unlimited supply of guns and ammo, which I would probably steal from an abandoned pawn shop, Army/Navy supply, or my dead neighbors.


  46. Tripping slow folks is one of the tricks in my “survive the zombie apocalypse” arsenal. Also, we live in Denton, TX, and there’s a FEMA location about 5 minutes away. I’d most certainly drag my carcass there first thing!

    I loved reading the previous comments!

    FB “like”: Kristin Centorcelli
    Twitter follow: @mybookishways

    Very cool giveaway-can’t wait to read your book!

  47. Hiding in basements generally seems like a bad idea, because once they get, you can’t get out.

    A nice treehut would do, well camouflaged to keep the prying survivors away and then grow some veg on the rooftop terrace, because obviously, this is no kid’s treehouse.

    There should be plenty of animals to eat, assuming the zombies don’t go those and the people eating them will have severely diminished. Plus, wildlife serves as a good warning against approaching stiffs.

    As for living during your survival, you’d need a team of three people, preferably 2 women and 1 man (yes, that would be me ;) ), one can keep watch while the others sleep and they can easily take turns, and books, lots of books, mostly useful books that help you develop survival and cultural skills/tastes.

    No use in surviving the end of humanity if you let it end your humanity too.

  48. My daughter has it all planned out. We steal a yacht and stock it full of food. Go out to open ocean and find a deserted Island. She has a theory that zombies don’t swim so we would be safe. LOL!

    Would love a copy of your book. If I don’t get a free one I am off to buy one!

  49. At the risk of sounding snarky, I really want to know – what’s the fascination with zombies? They freak me out!

    • Funnily enough, they really freak me out as well! The idea for the anthology came because someone challenged me to write a zombie story after they found out how terrified I was of them. So it was more an exploration of my fears and pushing my writing limits, if anything else, and then I ended up having a lot of fun with it all.

  50. My technique for surviving the zombie apocalypse is to trip everyone slower than me. Hey, they’re zombies. Alls fair in love and zombies.

  51. I am hungry for FREE BOOKS!!

    I missed the first time you offered your book. Can I still get a copy please? I would love to read your book. Thanks so much!!!

  52. How to survive the zombie apocalypse:

    1. Create a steampunk society. As scary as zombies are they’re greatest strength is their teeth with which they gnaw you with. No matter how strong their teeth are it is no match to metal clothing.

    2. Do not trust robots. If you already have a zombie apocalypse why would you chance a robot apocalypse on top of it.

    3. Have a dentist in the group to find out practical ways to rot out the zombies teeth.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. Love that zombie are getting more love these days. Not too sure how long I would last… once the supply of chocolate was gone it might be all over for me.. :) I like the idea the desserted island that someone posted. I’d probably head to the camp in the woods and just hope for the best.

  54. I’d survive with my geeky hubby and our super geeky superpowers, no zombies could take us :-)

    jallen3210 at att dot net

  55. Zombies hate cats. Therefore, I would supplement my three-cat-army with all the cats from my neighbors. (I don’t really like my neighbors. No worries, it’s mutual.) Then Hubs and I, surrounded by our legion of cats, would hold our ground. Between the yowling and shotgun-ing, the zombies would decide we just weren’t worth it!

    I’m hungry for print!

  56. I would teach the zombies a dance to befriend them and survive the apocalypse that way :D

    I’d love of copy of your ebook! Zombies are awesome!

  57. I think the keys to a zombie apocalypse are: weapons, peanut butter, and booby traps. I need to stock up on weapons and ammo, but we have a good supply of peanut butter going. It’s the perfect apocolypse food. You can get it in huge jars, or small portable ones, it has a ridiculously long shelf life, and has a decent mix of protien and fats. Also I’ve been meaning to rig a bunch of booby traps around the permiter of our house to keep people away. I’m thinking of deep trenches covered with leaves, those net things that snatch people up and hang them from trees, and maybe heavy things rigged to fall on people. We’ve got some work to do!
    Stefanie647 at msn dot com

  58. How would I survive a zombie attack, well you k ow the old saying if you can’t beat ’em

  59. I’d survive the zombie apocalypse by not trusting anyone who has been bitten, even if they aren’t frothing at the mouth yet.

    FatesTwists AT yahoo DOT com

  60. How to survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Don’t have the foggiest, but have been getting some good ideas from the previous posts. Was hoping reading your book would give me the answers, so send me the book soon, as the apocalypse may be closer than I thought. While I wait, I’ll try not to eat all of my chocolate before I find a unicorn.

  61. Hm, hope I’m not too late for the book. I’d throw vampire books at the zombies. roxburysnoopy-blogtourdeforce AT yahoo dot com

  62. Great suggestions everyone! I’m thinking I might use some of your survival tactics as inspirations for short stories. :-)

    Thanks all for your support in the blog tour, while it lasted!

  63. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!!! No wait….Wrong website. Sorry. Now I’m Hungry!! Oh My, sounds like an awesome read! skilmer at nb dot sympatico dot ca Kindle style!!

  64. Hope I’m not too late for the book? Always loved zombie stories – maybe because we don’t really have them here in the Philippines.

  65. I would love to read this book! My teenage niece is obsesses with Zombies and Vampires and has passed the Zombie bug to me.

    After reading the review on ParaYourNormal, I really can’t wait to read this book.
    I just received an email today about the Blog Tour de Force. I wish I would have received it a few days ago! Can’t wait to discover all these new authors tho.

    Would be happy to leave a review on Amazon after reading if I can get my hands on a copy! hinthintnudgenudge!

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