You follow the shadow, walking down the hallway on tip toes. As you continue down the hallway you begin to catch up with the monster: you can hear, just faintly, that odd, dragging sound it makes as it walks. You better not get too close; something tells you this monster is dangerous.

You round a corner just in time to see a long tail disappearing through a doorway on your left. The door clicks shut behind it.

Frozen against the wall, you wait to see whether the monster will come back out. A few minutes pass, and the hallway remains silent. You’re safe.

Emboldened, you walk towards the door. Unlike the other doors you’ve seen, this is a double door, with ornate lettering engraved on the left-hand side. The Pit, it reads. You wonder what that means.

To your right is the end of the hallway, marked solely by a small, inconspicuous door, much like the ones you passed by before. Maybe it’d be safer to explore there, first. But you did decide to follow the monster, after all, and the monster went into The Pit.

Where do you go?

* Into The Pit.
* Through the door at the end of the hallway.
* Turn back and go down the left hallway.