Hungry For You on Ebooks of Horror

Hello and welcome to the latest issue of Procrastination Daily!

WTF is Ebooks of Horror?

For today only, zombie love anthology Hungry For You is featured on Ebooks of Horror — head over now to see what the fuss is all about.
Part of the Gossamer Publishing group, Ebooks of Horror is a blog dedicated to featuring and promoting indie horror authors. Authors are welcome to contribute excerpts of their work, guest posts or interviews.


Start Today – No Qualifications Necessary
I’d like you to be my blog commenter. If you’ve enjoyed Hungry For You, please take 30 seconds to leave a comment about how awesome it is. Let other readers benefit from your great insight and undead humour. Spread the zombie love disease. Find your soul mate. Do it now!

FORBIDDEN Knowledge For Serious Writers

Are you an indie author? Do you dream of having your novel showcased online? Gossamer Publishing is an initiative to help promote and educate authors within the self-publishing community. Check them out to promote your work for free.

ZOMBIES! Does decay matter?

Amazing new cream produces results in minutes! No surgery required!
Don’t let your transition to undead life rot you down. Dr Harte’s magical cream will delay the onset of wrinkles, cataracts, and limb loss! Applies in seconds, lasts for hours!
Call 666-666-666 for a free quote.

(…okay, I am done being silly.)

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