Disquieted by the large emptiness of the theatre, you return to the safety of the close walls backstage, the small space reminiscent of the tunnels back home.

You glance down at the magic table as you re-enter the room, and to your surprise, one of the cards is missing — you could’ve sworn there were three on the table, but now there are only two: one with a question mark, and one with a circle. Maybe it’s better not to mess with either of them.

You poke half-heartedly through the boxes, but nothing holds your interest for long. It’s junk, mostly; stuff you can easily get underground. If only there was something–something monstrous, something sickening–that you could take back to Mark as proof of your adventure.

You sigh, realising you can’t stay in this cluttered room forever. You need to get moving. As you pace the room, trying to make up your mind, you stop when you’ve come a full circle and are back where you entered the room. Straight across from you is a wooden door — out to another unexplored hallway, no doubt. But next to you is that magic table, with those two mysterious cards….

What to do?

* Pick the card with a question mark.
* Pick the card with a circle.
* Exit backstage through the wooden door.