“A werekin!” you cry out, hoping to have got it right. “I’m a werekin!”

The vampires exchange glances, and then noticeably relax, straightening from their guarded crouches. You can feel your heart begin to slow as you heave a quiet sigh of relief.

The leader steps closer. “A werekin, you say? I don’t sense your energy. Are you a pup, then?” Before you can reply, he shrugs dramatically. “I suppose it doesn’t matter.”

You hear an odd click, and turn around, only to realise that the blonde female is now behind you, leaning against the door. Her mouth is half-open, exposing two sharp canines.

When you turn back around, the leader is mere inches away. He grabs you around the neck and lifts you straight up off the ground as if you were made of air.

You claw at his hand with growing panic as he examines you, but he doesn’t seem to feel the pain.

“It doesn’t matter,” he repeats. “Either way, no one will miss you.”

THE END. (Try again?)