Solid Moments

Solid MomentsLife is in the little things.

The quiet moments between lovers. The precious minutes when we are most ourselves.

A.M. Harte’s second collection is a tribute to the defining fragments of life – a blind girl rediscovering sight, a scorned lover finding solace in research, a brother meeting the sister he never knew he had…

With Solid Moments, A.M. Harte captures the essence of passion in the moments that it lays itself bare.

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“Unique and touching in its own special way… Those who love short stories should read Solid Moments.”
Juniper Grove

“AM Harte excels at dark fiction… the stories leave an interestingly bitter aftertaste in your mouth.”
Amazon Reviewer

Table of Contents

Epigraph by MCM
1. The strange familiarity
2. Disassembly
3. Arresting
4. Gun girl
5. The startling
6. Solid moments
7. War on noise
8. Heartbeats
9. Second sight
10. Gone
11. In the attic
12. Word’s worth
13. Reunion
14. And then I was you
15. Best served cold
16. Dreamers
17. Sentence trains
18. Acrimonious
19. She still dreams of him
20. Monkey clap
21. The knife
22. The long line
23. When passion fails
Summer train – bonus story by MCM