Above Ground Cover: Sneak Peek!

In Book Cover Design: Dos and Don’ts, I showcased my own amateur Above Ground covers as a prime example of why it’s better to get a professional on board.

Thanks to 1889 Labs, I’ve bagged an awesome illustrator. Jeffrey has brought my cover to life with some stunning artwork… so today I’m sharing a teaser of his work.

Below is one TINY section of the new Above Ground cover — the bottom right corner.

On October 1, I’ll reveal the FULL cover to my mailing list, plus offer subscribers the chance to pre-order copies. Don’t miss out: sign up now.


One thought on “Above Ground Cover: Sneak Peek!

  1. Ever the tease! :-p

    It’s been a long journey from your original blog site to here. Remember to take a moment to look back at all that you have accomplished. You have come far and shall go further.

    Jaid ~ Always a fan and champion

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