Nokia, Goodbye

Goodbye to my Nokia,
that trustworthy rock!
It was bulky and sturdy
and dad said “It’s time we
upgraded, updated,”
and I thought, no way did
my father insult it!
It’s vintage, it’s purty,
Who cares if it’s dirty?
It’s simple design has
always worked fine!
Ah Nokia, ah Nokia,
how can dad not see a
master of engineering,
how you keep persevering
despite bangs and crashes
from drunken mad dashes?
You’ve lasted six years,
you’re a survival pioneer!

Then I met Xpress,
a phone quite complex,
which now comes
with camera and colour,
and touchscreen, recorder…
It says I should upgrade,
it says my phone’s decayed
and useless! How ruthless
of Xpress to suggest lest
I ditch my old phone
my social life’s blown.
Well I’m going to upgrade
to the Xpress 58-hundred,
send my old phone to bed,
so now three cheers
to my Nokia dear,
wipe the tear from my eye
and say Nokia, goodbye!

I have a new phone, and was feeling silly.
Yes, my new phone is also a Nokia. Shh.
Inspired by a childhood nursey rhyme.

7 thoughts on “Nokia, Goodbye

  1. Oh, hah, just great. I used to own a Nokia and had a little burial ceremony for it when it finally expired. Now I have one of those smarty-pants phones and it doesn’t come close to being as friendly as Nokia was!

  2. Ahh I still have my old nokia, just incase my ‘new’ (it’s from 2006) one breaks.
    Also the fact it doubles as a blackjack is handy.

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