Seven Swans A-Swimming

Over on 12 Days 2010, Jim Bronyaur has organized a fun initiative to give you a daily double dose of fiction for 12 days, inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas song.

Every day since December 14th, two short stories by two different authors have been posted. December 14th featured two stories inspired by the line “a partridge in a pear tree”, the next day’s prompt was “two turtle doves”, and so on.

My story, Swan’s Act, went live today. Swan’s Act is a short story about zombie swans and a couple in love, and a longer version of this tale will feature in my upcoming short story anthology.

Hats off to author Cecilia Dominic as well, who was my co-partner in today’s prompt and cleverly twisted the seven sins and the seven swans into a romping little tale.

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