On Being Indie

Jennifer Hudock is an author, poet, and more besides, who writes a free podcast novel Goblin Market and blogs over on The Inner Bean.

Jenny was kind enough to have me as a guest blogger, musing on what exactly made me decide to become an indie author, and what it means to be one. I write about how being indie means being more than just an author, and about how much I love it.

Do head on over to check it out and be sure to click around to learn more about Jenny, too!

2 thoughts on “On Being Indie

  1. Love your post about why you’re an independent author. Some people actually LIKE running their career like a business and overseeing every aspect, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that! If you’re publishing your own work, you have total control. Your book’s fate is all in your hands, which can be a lot of fun. :)

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