Hungry For You: Week 2

Guest posts scheduled: 2
Kilometres travelled: 11,102 km
Promotional postcards sent: 9/60
Books purchased: 3
Books sold: 32+ (?)
Hours spent at Heathrow airport: 4
Airplane meals consumed: 3
Reviews: 4

Hungry For You has been on sale for 2 weeks now, and there’s been a little bit of a slowdown, exacerbated by the fact that I am in Argentina for work right now so can’t really do much promo. I do however have slaves to do promo for me (ha!).

Zombie ValentineFirst off are the Zombie Valentine’s Cards, such as the one on the left. Tell your loved ones that you really love them with these unique ecards — guaranteed to make their hearts stop pumping. Head on over to 1889 Labs and check them out — and send a couple while you’re at it (it’s free!).

I also rather excitingly got my first few reviews! On Smashwords, Nina Martinez says HFU is “interesting, quirky, imaginative . . . impossible to put down once you’ve started”. J.C. Hart and Heather Faville also said some lovely things that brought a smile to my face, and to round things off I also received a review from Mari Juniper as well! So far it seems that what reviewers have enjoyed the most is my unusual take on zombie lore, which is a relief as I was worried that zombie fans would be annoyed that I strayed from the norms. Yay!

Overall I’m happy with how things are going. And I managed to get past 25 sales, so as promised I owe you all a photo of myself with a giant cookie. That will have to wait till I’m back in London, sorry!

3 thoughts on “Hungry For You: Week 2

  1. I’m excited to hear about week two. I found out another of my friends purchased the book and is loving it, and a fourth friend has marked it to be read on Goodreads!

    It seems you’ve also reached people who enjoy love stories, and they aren’t at all disturbed about the zombie twist, lol.

    Have a safe trip.

  2. Ditto what Nina said – I’m in it for the twisted love stories! (What does that say about me? lol!)

    Thank you for the awesome read! I’m halfway through and loving it! :)

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