Hungry For You: Week 4

Interviews: 2
Formal dinners planned: 1
Books sold: 45
Menus printed: 130
Reviews: 9
Dresses tried on: 7
Amazing pancakes eaten: 1

Hungry For You is now a month old! And what a panicked month it has been — the release of this collection has coincided with my absolute busiest time (so far) in my day job, what with a trip to Argentina only to return to London and finish off planning a fancy dinner in under two weeks. The dinner’s tomorrow, after which I can breathe a teensy sigh of relief before throwing myself back into the thick of event planning.

But enough about my day job and on to Hungry For You news!


The print version is fast approaching. I’ve received the proof copy today (haven’t seen it yet!) and will need to check it over — hopefully in a couple of weeks you’ll be able to get your own hard copies through Amazon! As a teaser, here’s the print book jacket:

Soleil Noir kindly reviewed Hungry For You a short while ago, and she has my heartfelt thanks for giving me permission to quote her review on the jacket. Speaking of wonderful reviews, thank you as well to M. Jones and Lauren for their lovely words. [EDIT: Woo, one more review from Tina too.]


If you haven’t yet got your mitts on a copy of this ebook you now have a chance to win one entirely scott-free. That’s right — just head on over to Black Sun Reviews, where you will find a slightly insane interview of yours truly. Leave a comment on the post (not on here!) to enter the lottery.

That’s all for now — keep feeding, and keep breathing!

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