Hungry For You Now 2 Months Old!

It seems like ages ago since I announced the release of Hungry For You. Strange to think it’s only been two months since the ebook came out; one month since print. In that time I’ve sold 70+ copies, despite not putting in as much marketing effort as I should have, and I have to say I’m really happy with the responses I’ve had.

Other good news: I ran a Goodreads giveaway for HFU and over 1,000 people entered the competition. Woo! And I’ll be pimping Hungry For You a bit more during the upcoming Blog Tour de Force (April 18-25), so if you run a book blog site and want to help out, get in touch!

But enough about my books, let’s talk about me!

No, just kidding. Let’s talk about my favourite poet, Gabriel Gadfly. He is a related subject, after all; his poem A Love To Die For is the epigraph in Hungry For You and is probably one of the best zombie love poems out there. Gabriel is also running a video reading competition where readers have to submit videos of them reading his work.

Cue video:

(Please ignore my crap hair. Also I have a cold. So there. Be gentle.)

Much thanks and love to Gabriel and all you other readers, too. Stay gold!

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