Coming Soon: Blog Tour de Force!

Coming soon, right here: blog tour meets cage match meets utter insanity.

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your pet hamster. For five days, ten indie authors will face off and and give away more prizes than you can shake a stick at!

Now let me explain in a slightly less sensational manner:

From April 18th-22nd, every day, two indie authors will face off, battling for the most number of comments. The two authors who receive the most comments from readers overall will then fight it out for the Championship title, and I’m determined to get that crown on my head! Up for grabs will be countless free ebooks, goodie bags, and even a huge prize draw to win a Kindle. You’d be crazy not to take part.

My day is April 21st, where I’ll be facing off with Suzanne Adair, author of Paper Woman. It’s going to be an interesting match, considering Paper Woman is a historical thriller set during the American Revolution — could that be any more different to Hungry For You?

I’ve already got a bunch of lovely book bloggers who are willing to sponsor me during the event by posting reviews/interviews, and am rustling up some cool prizes to give away (suggestions welcome). So far, I’ve decided that anyone who posts on my blog on the day will get a free ebook copy, and up for grabs will be a print copy, postcards, and who knows what else?

For now, just put that date in your calender: April 21. I’ll see you back here for some awesomeness.

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