Winners, Radio Shows and Other Insanity

It’s NEWS time, baby!


1. Blog Tour Cage Match
Remember the blog tour I took part in?

Well, I didn’t win — that honor went to Ann Charles and her excellent novel Nearly Departed in Deadwood — but I had a blast taking part, and got to meet a bunch of new people, so I feel like a winner anyway.

But some of you don’t need to be content with just feeling like winners. Some of you ARE winners… of my Hungry For You giveaway!

I pulled in all the comments from my sponsor’s websites (infinite amount of thanks to them: Hopeless Bibliophile, Attack of the Book, Black Sun Reviews, The Itzel Library, ParaYourNormal, and The Pen & Muse) and pulled out a trusty random number generator.

Then I realised there were over 60 people entered to win, and felt a little guilty. So I decided to DOUBLE the prizes. (Yep, I’m crazy.)

Without further ado, congratulations to:

  • Ally and Andii, for winning signed paperback copies of Hungry For You, a surprise ebook, and limited edition postcards;
  • Heather Powers, Summer, Lisa, Elena Gray, Alexisread & Eileen for winning a postcard and surprise ebook each!

I’ll be emailing the winners for their details. And thank you all for taking part!

2. Other Insanity
If you didn’t win and are feeling a little sad, never fear!

Over at 1889 Labs (my publisher), we’re running Party Like It’s 1889, a month-long promotion with over a dozen prizes up to grabs and loads of ways to take part. Prizes include a KINDLE, and even VIP tickets which will get you free advance ebook copies of every book we publish this year. #yesreally

My week of promotion on site begins May 16th and I’ve got some fun stuff lined up, but feel free to swing by now and win prizes!

3. Kindle Nation Daily
My big KND day I mentioned in my last post is next Monday (gasp!) and right now I’m sitting at 11 reviews on If you’re one of four kind-hearted people who want to help bring that number up to 15, please swing by Amazon (it’s got to be the US site) to leave a 2-line review. I’ll love you forever.

4. Radio!
On Sunday at 9:30pm (4:30pm EDT), I’m going to be interviewed on Jake Rakestraw Talks, a weekend online radio show dedicated to interviewing authors about their passions, writing, and publishing. Due to time differences, the show will be pre-recorded, but I’ll make sure to be online while it’s airing. I hope you’ll stop by and listen in!


So that’s what’s up with me. What’s new with you?

4 thoughts on “Winners, Radio Shows and Other Insanity

  1. Awww, sorry you didn’t win. The idea of a blog tour, though: golden. Solid gold. So solid that it’s impossible to lift and it’ll have to stay there and be re-visited by generation after generation of writer. Because that’s what it should be: a tradition.

    I’m going to be out doing things that don’t increase my eyeballs-staring-at-monitors quotient at that time on Sunday – will the recording be posted for posterity/later?

    What’s new with me? They plugged the sewer leak behind my house, so my month has instantly improved.

    • The recording will air at the time you can see when you click on that link (it shows you your local time) but will be accessible on the same page for all of posterity…. so I better not make a fool of myself!

      Glad to hear your sewer leak has been plugged — that way the monsters can’t get through and kill you!

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