Two Little Words

Where do story ideas come from?

It’s a beguiling question. Coming up with story ideas is such second nature to me now that trying to put the process into words left me stumped. But I had to find an answer for Kirsty, a Manchester-based book blogger who runs Blatant Biblioholic.

So I sat down and scratched my head and drank some coffee, and eventually decided that the source of all story inspiration is two simple little words. Which ones, you ask? You’ll have to check out my guest post on Blatant Biblioholic to find out.

In the meantime, where do your ideas come from? What inspires your writing?

3 thoughts on “Two Little Words

  1. When I write I pray that somehow the words will flow out of me, and somehow, miraculously, they do. I tend to come up with a basic idea and then make the rest up as I go along.

    • Very similar process to mine :-)

      The problem is when people ask me how I come up with that initial basic idea, as if there’s some obscure art to idea-making! Then I have to shrug and confess that I make that up, too.

      • I find that the hardest things to write are requests. Right now I’m working on a story/information article to raise awareness of the need for funding for Equestrian Therapy for children with disabilities. This should be fairly easy since my daughter is one of the kids who receives therapy, but since it wasn’t really my idea, I’m having a terrible time with it!

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