Interview on Free Book Reviews

Free Book Reviews is a blog that reviews indie books, interviews indie authors and generally talks about whatever amuses them in the literary world.

Yesterday, Free Book Reviews posted an interview with yours truly. I discuss poetry (and Gabriel Gadfly), horror, chocolate, and other things I can’t remember saying.

Some choice excerpts:

FBR: Why do you write?

Me: Because not to write is to despair; I simply cannot imagine life without it.

There’s an immense satisfaction in crafting a story, in finding the right turn of phrase, in seeing the little characters in my head come to life. But there’s an even greater satisfaction in having my work read, and finding that others, too, can fall in love with my worlds. Sharing the joy of writing and reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

FBR: Did researching and writing Hungry For You teach you anything or influence your thinking in any way?

Me: It’s made me appreciate horror as a genre — I’ve come to realise that horror is more than just gore and guts. There’s a lot to be learnt about the human condition in extreme situations; I think people really show their true nature when faced with life or death situations.

FBR: What is your greatest strength as a writer?

Me: I think my greatest strength is that I believe nothing I write is sacred.

It can always be improved, rewritten, changed. I want to tell the best possible story, and if that means cutting out 30,000 words and writing new stuff, I’ll do it.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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