Paint Oxford With Poetry!

The kind folks of eight cuts gallery — organisers of Not the Oxford Literary Festival (March 27-30) — need YOU your poetry.

The climax of Not the Oxford Literary Festival, on the night of the 30th and early hours of the 31st of March, is “Paint Oxford With Poetry”, our effort to see Oxford wake up to a city filled with poetry. We won’t actually be painting, but we will be leaving leaflets at bus stops and in phone boxes, putting posters through cafe doors and various other things. And each one will have a poem on it, and a very simple message:

“This poem comes to you from Not the Oxford Literary Festival. We hope you enjoyed it. And if you did we hope you’ll consider writing your own, and leaving it where you found this one. And share it with us at And pass it on to someone you know. Help make Oxford a city of poetry.”

[…] Poetry is for everyone, and Not the Oxford Literary Festival wants to let everyone in Oxford know about the present of Oxford’s poetry – and to be part of its future.

And that’s where you come in. They’re asking for everyone to bequeath a poem for them to distribute — either by contacting them by email, or tweeting a short poem on the night using the #oxfordpoetry hashtag.

What are you waiting for? Check it out.

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