MERGE: Sparks and Tinder

If you still haven’t cottoned on that I’m taking part in the MERGE series, then… then… well now you know!

What is MERGE?
A 13-story paranormal thriller series written by me, Kit Iwasaki, Yvonne Reid, and MCM. Four authors, four storylines, all published over four weeks. Each story is stand alone, so you can jump in and start reading wherever… or just read mine, heehee!

And guess what? Follow the blog tour and you could win an iPad!

The first week in the blog tour has seen the release in each author’s first stories!
1. 5 Days At A Time by Kit Iwasaki
2. Long Way Down by Yvonne Reid
3. Everything Must Go by MCM

Today’s Release!

Of course the reason I’m talking about MERGE today is because my first story in the series has come out. Woo!

Sparks and Tinder by AM Harte

Kate thought she was safe, but she was wrong.

The death of a transhuman has sparked riots in the city, only minutes from her front door. Policemen guard every street corner, but there is no one to protect Kate from herself, and the danger may be closer to home than expected…

Is she really safe from the transhumans, when her newest neighbour might be one of them?

Set in a world reeling from the discovery of transhumans, MERGE is a series of thirteen short stories that charts the loves, the betrayals, and the struggle for survival in a world where humans and transhumans are uneasy neighbours. Tensions are high, riots are brewing. The human race is about to come undone.

Exclusive Excerpt

“The protest got out of hand,” he said, quietly now. Now that they were facing each other, she noticed the dark circles under his eyes, his cheeks thin with little sleep. Even tired he was handsome, his high cheekbones dusted with the faintest hint of red. Sun-kissed, her mother would have said.

“Her death….” Adam paused, looked away. “The city’s already unstable as it is, and we all know what you get when you mix sparks and tinder.”

Kate glanced at her watch. 8:30am. Only half an hour to get to work, and she was spending precious minutes talking about ghetto residents. For a moment she felt a surge of irritation, strong enough to overcome her crush. “So, that favour?”

“I—” An awkward pause, then: “Kate, if anyone asks….” He closed his eyes as if in pain, opened them. “Tell them I was with you last night. Please.”

Kate’s stomach tightened. Adam had been at the riots. Either he was a sympathizer, or he was something much, much worse. “Are you…?” And again she couldn’t finish the question.

“Please, Kate,” he said, staring right at her, through her, as if he could see her every secret. “Trust me.”

The elevator doors closed, swallowing her reply.

Buy it today on Kindle!

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