I’ve been poo at updating lately, I know.

What with things going full speed at work (big deadline coming up mid June) and the panic about organising MERGE, and fighting off some weird stomach bug and having low-level headaches for the last five days, and overdue editing work, and, and, and… I’m… well, “bleagh” is a good description.

My boyfriend says I let myself get too stressed about things. He’s probably right. I just hate not being able to do everything I’ve decided I want to do — and updating here weekly is one of those things.

So in order to not kill myself, I’m officially declaring a semi-hiatus. “Semi” because I’m going to do everything I can to get the chapters written and published, but “hiatus” because I predict they’ll be running late for a while.

I intend to get back on track in 2-3 weeks. I think I just need a breather.

In the meantime why not battle it out over what should happen in chapter 33? It’s from Lilith’s point of view and is set in Rivton — if you can write convincingly, I may just include your suggestion…

Thanks for your patience, guys.

— Anna

(ps: MERGE is a paranormal thriller series of 13 stories co-written by myself, MCM, Kit Iwasaki and Yvonne Reid. From May 28-June 18 there’s going to be a blog tour… follow along for the chance to win an iPad!)

One thought on “Bleagh.

  1. I’ll be ruminating on Rivton happenings, but am also flat out.

    Hope everything settles nicely for you soon, meanwhile remember to tell yourself “I am enough” – perfection is unattainable & unrealistic and I blow raspberries at it!

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