The Senseless Challenge: Sound Round Up

Senseless ChallengeThe celebrations for National Short Story Month continue with even more #flashsense stories this week.

Check out the May 3rd round up if you missed any stories about our sense of sight.

The second Friday of the month, May 10th, was dedicated to sound.

Here’s a round up of week two’s stories.

* * *


Beyond The Thin Blue Line by Laura Besley
I wish I could tell my children not to fear death.

Deaf Ears by Peggy McFarland
In a few short hours, Jack should hear again.

Fireworks by The Lord by Deanna Schrayer
Buying a new car has never been louder.

Noise by Chuck Allen
Memories can be loud, too.

Noise by N.M. Martinez
The cheerful daytime music made the hairs in her inner ear quake.

Thub-thub, Thub-thub by Tim VanSant
The underground bunker smelled like a sewer.

Stephanie by Laura Amos
There were other voices in the background.

Antichrist, Interrupted by Kelly Stapleton
The voice has been with me since I was 13.

Silence, Sound by JP West
I’m telling you, Amanda, he’s not the same.

Silenced by Shelly Proffitt Howells
I hear it, faintly, while I’m rinsing the shampoo out of my hair.

Bunty hears a snake by Brinda Banerjee
There it was again, a soft, scraping sound.

Sound By Christopher Munrow
There’s no greater joy than listening to your favorite band.

War On Noise by A.M. Harte
The crackle of gunfire has long since lost its meaning.

* * *

Did I forget to include your story? Drop me a link in the comments.

It’s not too late to get involved – just drop me a comment on the challenge post.

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