A Senseless Ending

Senseless ChallengeI admit it: I suck.

The past few weeks have flown by and it completely slipped my mind to do a final wrap up post for the Senseless Challenge. So first and foremost: I’m sorry.

Truth is I was overwhelmed by how many people took part. I’d assumed only three or four other people would join me – making the weekly round ups and the final voting for best story completely manageable.

Instead I was blown away by the number of people who took part and who took the challenge to places I had never imagined.

In total over 14 people took part, producing more than 57 stories.

Participants: thank you. You rock.

It would be impossible to pick one deserving story out of the 57. ALL of you deserve a prize for taking part. I would like to give you an e-copy of Above Ground or Hungry For You – drop me a note with your email and format preference and I’ll send it along.

The fact is that lately I’ve been remiss with my online presence, and the Senseless Challenge not only rekindled my love for the online community, but also reminded me what I’m missing out on.

For anyone who missed the challenge, here’s a long list of excellent short stories to check out.


Amber’s Unseeable Eyes by Laura Besley
Eye Contact by Peggy McFarland
Vision by Christopher Munroe
Gold by N.M. Martinez
Fun Is Not Blind by Kelly Stapleton
Rita by Laura Amos
Eye Spy by Tim VanSant
Aura of Gold by Brinda Banerjee
Sight by JP West
Sights Unseen by Shelli Proffitt Howells
City of Ghosts by A.M. Harte


Beyond The Thin Blue Line by Laura Besley
Deaf Ears by Peggy McFarland
Fireworks by The Lord by Deanna Schrayer
Noise by Chuck Allen
Noise by N.M. Martinez
Thub-thub, Thub-thub by Tim VanSant
Stephanie by Laura Amos
Antichrist, Interrupted by Kelly Stapleton
Silence, Sound by JP West
Silenced by Shelly Proffitt Howells
Bunty hears a snake by Brinda Banerjee
Sound By Christopher Munrow
War On Noise by A.M. Harte


Private Nose by Peggy McFarland
Smell by Christopher Munroe
Sweet by N.M. Martinez
Mouse by Shelly Proffitt Howells
StorySkippers Anonymous by Laura Amos
Making Sense by Chuck Allen
Bottled Shame by Kelly Stapleton
Oh, Nose! by Tim VanSant
A Great Story by Laura Besley
Fumes of Love by Brinda Banerjee
The Hunter by A.M. Harte


Hunger by Deanna Schrayer
Lollipops In The Snow by Laura Besley
Taste by Christopher Munroe
Life, on the Tip of my Tongue by Tim VanSant
Of bubble gums and other cravings by Brinda Banerjee
Best Served Cold by A.M. Harte
The Taste of Water by Lee-Ann Khoh
Leila by Laura Amos
With Syrup by Shelli Proffitt Howells
Taste Test by Peggy McFarland
Homecooked by N.M. Martinez


To Scorch in the Sun by Brinda Banerjee
King-sized Bed by Deanna Schrayer
Touch by Christopher Munroe
Red Lipstick by Laura Besley
Raine by Laura Amos
An Unexpected Storm by Shelli Proffitt Howells
Fragments by N.M. Martinez
To Touch, Perchance to Feel by Tim VanSant
New Sensation by Peggy McFarland
The Ghost of Uncle Bud by Lee-Ann Khoh
Heartbeats by A.M. Harte

2 thoughts on “A Senseless Ending

  1. Wow A.M., this is so sweet of you! And it’s always good to know I’m not alone (in being remiss with online presence), but I hope to remedy that real soon. In fact, your challenge provided the perfect nudge for me to get back into producing more flash, so Thank You Very Much!

    • I think the trick is to limit yourself. I had made myself a promise to focus on my blog, but then got caught up again with twitter and facebook and goodreads and and and… Then I crash and burn.

      Hopefully THIS time I’ve learned my lesson!

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