My Writing Workspace

Where do you write?

After 9 years of living in London — and 8 house moves — I’ve learned to adapt quickly to new environments.

I have never had the luxury of a dedicated writing nook, but all my writing spaces have had three things in common: silence, solitude, and proximity to home comforts.

I’m not one of these coffee shop or library types. I need to be at home with both laptop and notebook — but where at home depends on my mood and needs.

If I’m not home alone, I write in my bedroom. It’s the one place where solitude is guaranteed, even if it’s not the most comfortable. I alternate between sitting on my bed and — when the urge to have a nap kicks in — on the floor.

In one of my previous houses I used to switch between writing on the floor in the kitchen (to enjoy the view of the garden) and the living room leather sofa (when I felt lazy).

But in my current place I have a TABLE.

Check it out:


My writing space

Where do you write?

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6 thoughts on “My Writing Workspace

  1. Naw, that is a cute writing space! I recently acquired half a room as my office, which I was pretty excited about! Unfortunately, I am about to lose it already as eldest has decided she REALLY needs her own room… which is fair enough. I’ll be moving back into the lounge, which is okay, if a little noisy at times (heck, where in my house is NOT noisy??) I get my best work done at the library on a Sunday lol

    • I just don’t like the idea of having strangers nearby… Mainly because I mutter to myself when I work. Perhaps I’d feel differently if I had kids!

      • haha I mutter, and occasionally burst into song – but I’ve gotten better at staying quiet over time. Our library is good, can have space from others, and I even have a library buddy! An old, bearded, bare-foot man who says hello and goodbye to me and normally sits in the same vicinity.

        • I can’t say I’ve ever burst into song when writing… Having Sound of Music visions now! :-)

          Do you listen to music or is it just that there is a tune in your head?

          (And why doesn’t that man wear shoes?? I’d find it too distracting to write.)

  2. As I said in Twitter, I usually write in my living room. I suppose that’s the luxury of the laptop (even though it has to be plugged in od it’ll run out of battery, sheesh).

    But music: I usually have smooth jazz playing, mostly streaming radio. There are two excellent (in my opinion) online stations:, and (many channels in the latter). I discovered three or four years ago that I can read, write, set exams, grade papers, and what have you while listening to smooth jazz at the same time.

    (Is hijacking the question allowed…?)

    • I write on a laptop too – makes it a heck of a lot easier to move around! But I can’t have any music playing or it distracts me. Music before hand for inspiration is good, but during? I need to hear myself think!

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