3 Paranormal Romance Series You Should Read

Since I’ve already admitted to one guilty pleasure, I may as well admit to another: I read A LOT of paranormal romance.

But sometimes finding a good series beyond the big names like Charlaine Harris can be hard. Few authors hit the right balance between decent plot/characters and pure popcorn enjoyment. So I thought I’d share a few recommendations of my own, in the hopes that you’ll return the favour!

(Side note: I’ve been thinking about this because a few months ago, a colleague challenged me to write a paranormal romance/erotica. And you know I can’t resist a challenge…)

1. Mirus series by Kait Nolan

Forsaken by Shadow is the opening novella to Kait Nolan’s Mirus universe, a suspenseful series with a hidden paranormal world of shadow walkers, wolf-shifters and seers. The characters are believable, the romance isn’t overdone, and there are some wicked, well-written action scenes. The world-building was equally intriguing, with a host of unusual magical talents and the feeling that much more lies beneath the surface.

2. The Grimm Agency series by JC Nelson

If you enjoy fairy tale mash-ups, check out JC Nelson’s universe. As an agent for Fairy Godfather Grimm, Marissa’s job is to solve problems — whether that’s making a prince fall in love or evicting a wraith. This is straight up popcorn with an interesting premise and a dollop of humour. I liked the high number of female leads, and the tongue-in-cheek representation of fairy tale characters. The overall plot — although slow in the first book — builds along nicely throughout the series.

3. Old World Chronology series by Melissa Olson

If you prefer less romance and more grittiness, this is the series for you. I’ve only recently finished powering through a huge chunk of Melissa Olson’s backlist, and really enjoyed the ride. There’s two sub-series: one following paranormal crime scene clean-up crew Scarlett Bernard, and one following former US Army Sergeant and kickass witch Allison “Lex” Luther. Think kickass female protagonists dealing with the secret werewolf/witch/vampire inter-species politics and battles in modern day America.

Your turn!

Are there any paranormal romance series you’d recommend?

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