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WTF is Ebooks of Horror?

For today only, zombie love anthology Hungry For You is featured on Ebooks of Horror — head over now to see what the fuss is all about.
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(…okay, I am done being silly.)

Zombies, Double Rainbows, Russian Chocolate… and Prizes!

No, I haven’t gone insane.

You can find all those things over at Her Book Self, where lovely book blogger Lisa is hosting an interview with yours truly.

The subject of the interview is, of course, Hungry For You, with a few asides on working for 1889 Labs, my current projects, and how much of a scaredy-cat I am.

Oh yes, didn’t I mention PRIZES?

Hungry For A Giveaway!

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Leave a comment below to claim your copy of Belonging, then head on over to Her Book Self and comment there, too. The giveaway closes on October 31st so get those fingers typing!

Why Zombies Should Smell Roses

Zombies weren’t always carnivores.

There is an excellent cross-examination of the rise of the 21st century zombie over in the New York Times called The State of Zombie Literature – An Autopsy, discussing just how zombies came to be the flesh-hungry beasts they are today and why we find them so appealing.

I particularly enjoyed the author’s suggestion as to why zombie fiction has seen a recent surge in popularity:

“You have to wonder whether our 21st-century fascination with these hungry hordes has something to do with a general anxiety, particularly in the West, about the planet’s dwindling resources: a sense that there are too many people out there, with too many urgent needs, and that eventually these encroaching masses, dimly understood but somehow ominous in their collective appetites, will simply consume us. At this awful, pinched moment of history we look into the future and see a tsunami of want bearing down on us, darkening the sky.” – The State of Zombie Literature – An Autopsy

I think that’s exactly what terrifies me about traditional zombies, and that’s why I walked a different path with Hungry For You: by giving my zombies personalities — the ability to think and feel — they evolve from faceless, insatiable voids mindlessly destroying the world and become people, individuals with whom I can relate.

If a zombie can take the time to stop to smell the roses… then maybe the world isn’t so bad, after all.

(Thank you to Toni of nzreader for linking me to the article.)

Run For Your Lives!

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?

I’m an active supporter of being ready for the end of the world — but while there’s been a lot of literature published on the subject, there hasn’t been much chance for hands-on experience.

However on October 22nd, 10,000 brave souls will have the chance to participate in Run For Your Lives, a first-of-its-kind and completely unique race that takes participants through a series of 10 obstacles over a 5K course, all while being chased by zombies.

Unfortunately for me, it’s happening on the other side of the pond (in Darlington MD to be precise). I guess I’ll just have to stick to my books, then….

Zombies Are People, Too

Meet Edward Grey, the kind of zombie I talk about in Hungry For You.

Edward Grey’s life has been on the downward spiral ever since the day of his death. Not only must he deal with rising damp, bone decay and rot — but also the fact that he is now jobless, penniless and without girlfriend. A documentary crew follows Ted around for a day providing intimate insight into the heart-wrenching world of the walking dead.

Life can bring many challenges… but death can be a bastard.

(via mcchots)