Other Sides: 12 Webfiction Tales

Other Sides The advent of digital publishing has seen the rise of a new breed of writers: independent, experimental and unfettered by convention.

This brand new anthology features a small sampling of these very writers, in a speculative fiction collection that will capture the imagination and dazzle the senses. The storytelling genius in this collection is most evidenced by its memorable characters: a young woman haunted by her ex-boyfriend’s sweater, time travelers with a suspicious interest in babies, a gender-changing alien desperate to heal a loved one…

In these stories, fourteen independent authors display the imagination, insight and wonderful originality that characterizes the unique world of online fiction.

Title: Other Sides
Genre: Speculative fiction
Length: 30,000 words / 12 short stories
Publisher: Ergofiction magazine
Release Date: October 14 2010
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    “Ergofiction has skilfully cleaved signal from noise and compiled a very good collection… Any one of Other Sides’ authors writes far better than some of the authors being paid millions today.”
    — Lauren Smith on Violin in a void

    “Webfiction is, hands down, fantastic. […] Other Sides is an extremely engrossing read. The authors chosen for this anthology are some of the best out there.”
    — Jessica Torres on A Fanatic’s Book Blog

    “Incredibly sophisticated and entertaining… professional and engaging and the voices are very polished. The stories were more than just good reads, in fact, I found them impressive, fascinating and enchanting.”
    — Frances Pauli on Speculative Fiction

    “I found a lot to enjoy in this sampler. An interesting read to expose you to what sorts of stories you can find on the web.”
    — Lyda Morehouse on Day in the Life of an Idiot

    “Brilliantly written . . . [Every tale is] short enough to be interesting and just long enough to tell the story.”
    — Chris on The Pirate’s Bounty

    “This collection definitely piqued my interest. The short stories were very unique, and the length of them ideal for leaving you wanting to read and know more about the characters and their tales.”
    — Valerie Barr on Goodreads

    “The 12 short stories I read in this book were amazing! Every one of them so unique and completely different from the next.”
    — Kelly on Goodreads

    “I read the anthology and enjoyed it. It’s kind of like an up-and-comers roster. Watch out for these guys in the future.”
    — P. Duggan of Human Parade