It’s an opportunity too good to miss. You fold the programme in half and slip it into your pocket, glancing around you guiltily.

You push the box back into place and step back out into the hallway. As you close the door you hear a shuffling noise behind you. Someone is coming your way!

You hold your breath, and begin tiptoeing further down the hallway, away from the sound. Your heart is beating erratically in your chest, and you force yourself to exhale as quietly as possible.

You reach the side entrance, slip around the corner and put your back against the wall, breathing as quietly as possible. You can’t hear any more noises coming from behind you, but your heart is beating so fast you can barely hear anything else, anyway.

As you calm down, you notice that the hallway ahead of you looks a little brighter. That’s right: the front of the theatre isn’t much further ahead, and the glass double doors are letting in the light.

The idea of exiting through the front door is tempting. How better to return, triumphant, than by casually strolling out the main exit? You may not have a souvenir for Mark but this could be something he’d respect, instead.

You glance to your left, to the side entrance door beckoning you to safety. Does it make that much of a difference which way you go?

What do you do?

* Go through the front door.
* Head to the side entrance.