You walk through the wooden door, making sure to close it behind you. As you turn your foot hits something which tinkles slightly as it rolls away. You look down and see a glass vial on the ground. A thick cork keeps the dark liquid inside from spilling out.

It is only when the vial is in your hand that you realise what the liquid [is](../378/): blood, or something that looks exactly like it. You swallow heavily, disturbed, but something makes you stick the vial in your back pocket. It seems a waste to leave in on the ground, and besides, it could prove useful. In the worst case, you can give it to Mark.

You shove the vial into your back pocket and look around the hallway. It’s a mirror image of the one on the other side; the same curved walls, the same engraved double doors on one side with the words The Pit.

What do you do?

* Continue down the hallway.
* Go into The Pit.