You shake your head, take a step back. No point in pushing your luck — that you’ve survived this long is a miracle already.

That’s when you heard it: the doors of The Pit opening behind you. You drop flat on to the ground, heart stuttering in your chest, as a tall shadowy figure enters the room.

You press your face hard into the floor, as if it’ll somehow keep you safe. A soft dragging underscores every step the creature takes — as it comes closer you see the tip of a tail poking out from beneath its cloak.

Then it stops moving and a soft hissing fills the air, a sibilant, snake-like sound that traces shivers down your spine.

And after that, only silence.

As you lie on the floor, considering your options, you notice something strange. The wall of the theatre directly ahead of you seems to be broken, a hairline crack running through the wall. Except what crack would be so linear, so neat?

Unless… could that be a door?

You wait, breathing quietly through your mouth, ears straining to hear past the nothingness. You count up to thirty, then one hundred, and still nothing. Perhaps the creature has gone.

Think fast!

* Run to the door!
* Stay put!