The cat warily poked her head out of the washing machine. The coast was clear. She put her paws up on the rim, tensed her legs to spring.

Then — a flash of movement in the corner of the kitchen! Sparkles hissed, ducked back into the safety of the washing machine. Her tail lashed back and forth within the limited confines of the metal drum.

She could hear it, snuffling around the kitchen, moving close to the washing machine. Its claws scraped against the tiled floor, making her skin prickle. If only her owners would come home and get rid of it, set down more traps….

When Sparkles heard it began to chew on a wire, she shook her head and curled up to wait for back up. Mice had always been a problem in London, but this was getting ridiculous.


  1. LOL – love this, though think there are a few things someone should explain to Sparkles…! Love the vivid image of the cat’s tail swishing in annoyance inside the machine, and that “wait for back-up” phrase – I was almost expecting the next words to be, “Armed police – FREEZE!”. Excellent story, and I’m still giggling. :D

    • Maybe it’s a mutant kind of mouse that is stronger than a cat… or maybe Sparkles is just a bit silly. :-) I can imagine her owners coming home and being really confused to find her in there!

  2. My cat, The Duchess, acts like this all the time! This story is so cute and love the name Sparkles – that’s such a good cat name. Short but well-written! I wish there was more! :)

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