Novel Push Initiative Returns!

If you’re wondering what the Novel Push Initiative (NPI) is, it’s a community project created by Nick Enlowe which aims to help writers increase their daily wordcounts.

For the month of October, Nick will be running yet another round. I’ve taken part twice before, although the last time I tried, my life exploded in my face and I had to drop out early. But now that I have settled into my new job, the time has come for me to knuckle down and improve my daily writing habits.

What really works about NPI is that everyone sets their own goals and thus you are competeing solely against yourself. You get to write in a group, have that community support, without the anxiety of comparing your performance to others.

My goal for the month of October is to write at least 200 words every day.

You can follow along using hashtag #novelpi on twitter, and of course if you want to take part, today is the last day to sign up!

8 thoughts on “Novel Push Initiative Returns!

  1. I hate signing up for these things because I NEVER stick to them, it’s like negative reinforcement for me. I’ve tried NaBloPoMo so many times and have never gotten through a month of posting every day… ugh. However, I DID complete NaNoWriMo once, but I also won’t be partaking this year, what with my serial starting in just TWO DAYS and work, and school, and family.

    • I find NaNoWriMo too much, and never have managed to finish it. Same with many of these types of initiatives. But NPI — because you can set your own targets — is a lot more feasible, and worth trying. And I’m going to be working on my serial for it, so it’s all a good cause!

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